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Krehbiel's SpeedPrint is totally family owned and operated. When the phone rings, Vietta Krehbiel answers the phone ready to take your order.

Deve and Vietta Krehbiel

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Our Graphic/Text Options

SpeedPrint saves you money by only printing in black ink. This lowers our operational cost, a savings that directly translates to the price you pay for printing services. Since 1989, we have mastered our printing processes, providing you with the widest possible range of options. Black ink allows us to render virtually limitless shades of gray, from the finest off white to the deepest dark gray, and everything in between:

You pay so much less because you don't have to pay us for press cleanup, increased maintenance, or other downtime as with other printers.

At SpeedPrint, your logos and artwork are copied at 1200DPI, (Dots Per Inch). The result is an extremely fine print job, with no noticeable pixels or other distortion as compared with other types of printing. These are just a few of our most popular envelope fonts!

To further ensure your complete satisfaction, SpeedPrint offers over 12,000 font faces to exactly duplicate your Artwork. In cases where an exact match cannot be found, we will scan your document at up to 9,000DPI to ensure as precise a match as possible. In addition, we have over 2,000 of the most popular envelope fonts to choose from. For more information about our fonts please call our TOLL FREE 800 number!

Low Quality
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Standard Quality
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High Quality
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SpeedPrint Quality
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SpeedPrint is your best printed envelope resource. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Duplication of your company logos, postal permits, or additional lines of type are provided at no additional charge. Future orders are made easier since your envelope artwork is securely stored on our computers. You receive your order FAST! While most printers offer long lead times, we strive to maintain short turnaround. We print on the highest quality envelopes, available in all sizes.

We invite you to try our printed envelopes. Centrally located, we pride ourselves in our prompt turnaround time, excellent service and support, and top quality product. Prices include Free Shipping* and fast turnaround on standard orders.

*Shipping is free in the state of Kansas. Other states are charged after leaving Kansas UPS zones. Call for out-of-state Quote!